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IAM is my buddy I paid hi dollars for him and he will be 3 years old in May he has a microchip in him that drives him crazy sometimes he's also sterile he can't breathe also I noticed as he's grown that he was bred in a box because he was tiny in 5 months old when I got him so he didn't outgrow his box until he got out of his box he safe and sound now and IAM about to have that microchip removed and when I do I'm going to curse that micro chip for this puppy mill to burn to the ground because that's all you are is a puppy mill and you put microchips in them dogs and you send them here and there and yonder and what what for tell me what do you do it for what do you do it for cornerstone farm¿do you do it for that Queen w**** over there in that fairy tale land¿ you know that *** Queen of eglEND she's got a plan to put microchips and everybody starting with the pets and using people like you I will be the first one to remove the first microchip very soon and I might just go ahead and take a knife and slice my little boy open and take that seed myself because when the doctors get ahold of them they take them n probably turn them over to their leader...all microchip implants are good for is keeping up with us and controlling and minds driving poor animals mad and causing tumors in their head because of the shock waves n soNARS or radars or whatever is implanted in those chips I hope everybody out there in the world if you got microchips in your animals take them out it is a form used for the big eye in the sky to keep up with us and our pets driving us crazy for as long as they can and then when they get ready just push a button and then we take ourselves out that's what they do with those micro chips and the animals were just an experiment and since it works so well with the animals now they're coming for the people so I will be the first one to slice that little piece of rice out of my dog who's going to join me in this crusade? cornerstone farms will be the first Spy control for NAZI queen kilgdomdown in the USA how about them apples Queen w**** I hope cornerstone farms is reading this all you Masons in that house there conjuring up all kinds of potions making dogs sick my dog had Giardia when I got him and he was just a baby so that just tells me what kind of filth helived in before hegot to me

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This review greatly concerns me as a dog lover and a human being.The person who wrote it appears to be delusional and need psychiatric help.

I fear for the wellbeing of the dog, as this person's mind is so unstable that in April he was threatening to cut the poor dog's microchip out (because it was making the dog "crazy" and hurting him), and any day he might be deluded about the dog and cause further injury to him. I wish I knew how to reach out to get this person some help, to keep him and his dog safe.

The microchip doesn't hurt the dog, it's only to help get the dog home to you if he should get out and lose his collar or ID tag. There's no radio transmitter in the microchip.

It just stores your address, phone number, and dog's name. It can't receive or transmit signals of any kind. There's nothing to fear from the microchip. Please don't cut it out of your beautiful, precious dog!

Take good care of yourself and that wonderful dog.

Please get the help you need, so that you are well, and your dog is safe and well-cared for, too.He loves you, and just wants you to be well.

to Anonymous #1016919

Yes this person is obviously for "buying" from a breeder when there are 1000s of shelters he could adopt from

the 2nd and most glaring is his lack of mental well being!! He is stating he will perform surgery on dog is alarming!! He should be found and prosecuted

Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #973126

Quit buying from breeders and stores. Companion animals should only be gotten through a rescue organization of some type.

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