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We got our puppy, Hope (westipoo) from Cornerstone. Hope came to us at 10 weeks old.

She is absolutely amazing and the family was very nice to work with.

They sent us pictures and kept us up to date with her until she was at her forever home. Hope is very well natured and is everything we expected and more.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Happy that your happy. But with over 400 parents and tons of puppies they failed their 2017 state inspection because their not meeting regulations.

That's a fact. Call the MO Dept. Of Ag in Jefferson City. There may be bad breeders in the business.

That doesn't make all breeders bad. MO has some of the strictest standards in the nation. Their standards far surpass the USDA Regulations. Look them up.

You'll be amazed at the requirements. Dogs must have water at all times. Clean bowls and dishes. Clean dog houses with two forms of bedding in winter an extra large pen based on size and exercise.

They have great standards. Most breeders live in the country because you can't have facilities in the city. I believe they should show pics of the parents. But you obviously don't understand disease prevention and Bio Security measures.

Puppies aren't covered completely by vaccinations until the third vaccine and 80 percent after the second. Parvo and strep and flu are prevalent and spread on shoes. When the parents get them via contact with outsiders it can spread to all the puppies and dogs with heavy loss. So until you truly understand the risks of letting everyone Pet your dogs who have probably been petting other dogs at other places and Dog breeding you should refrain from speaking facts you know little of.

The HSUS facilities and shelters are the real puppymills. They want to make it where the public can only purchase from their profiting business. So they put breeders down.

In every profession in America you have your Ritter's. That doesn't mean that everyone in that profession should be shut down.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1228241

How long did it take for you to get your dog after making a payment?

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