I wanted to address some things that I have read both on this site as well as in general on the internet. But I want to start by saying that the internet does not always speak the truth, such is the commercial by a real estate company about a French man who really isn't a French man.

I began searching for a westie puppy about a month ago and have been, I believe, picky. I settled on Cornerstone Farms and the Ritter family after reading some reviews on their website as well as Puppyfind.com where we found little mikey. After a couple of phone calls I was offered a video of the little boy and it was clear after viewing it, he was the dog for us.

In the video, they had their children and grandchildren playing with him and he was clearly a social dog. This is NOT something that a kennel typically offers. Especially if they are some of the things a few of the reviews on here claim.

We volunteer at our local animal shelter and donate when we can to animal charities so we are aware of the options available with regards to the adoption of an animal. But we chose to purchase a new baby boy because we just could not find the right fit in a shelter / rescue animal. Because of our affiliation with our local shelter, I was made aware of some sites to look at on the internet with regards to kennels and their reputation.

To clear the air on some things about the Ritter family, they are NOT a puppy mill as far as I can tell and they were nothing but professional, prompt and reasonable. When we had questions, they answered them. When we asked for photos, they sent them. Now there were a few times I called and it took several hours to hear back. But by no means should anyone expect them to just be sitting at the phone, I don't think anyway.

So long of the short, if you have any questions about this family being real or legitimate, don't. They are as real as apple pie and as honest as anyone could hope. Should you be reading this because you were seeking the truth, this was it. I don't care what the other sites say, or people who feel the world owes them something out of rage. This family will make sure that you have a nice experience picking a puppy, easy instructions to pick the puppy up from the airport, and plenty of pictures in between. Thank you Ritter family for giving us our beloved Mikey. He is unreplaceable.

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You volunteer at a shelter yet you bought a dog from a puppy mill...you are either a liar or an ***...i wish i could spay/ neuter you so you cant breed anymore idiots that promote people like these to breed more dogs that will end up dead or a shelter in most cases

to Anonymous #1096193

I also volunteer in shelters but sure to severe allergies my son has, we ended up purchasing a westie from someone and not adopting a shelter animal. Please don't assume and make negative comments towards someone. The only one who looks like an *** here is you.

Wyckoff, New Jersey, United States #903222

I purchased an Aussiedoodle from the Cornerstone family.

I made the right chouse all the way around.

Borax is 9 months old Happy Healthy and Handsome.

Good Family Good Work, keep it up

Jack Bogwald


Do you happen to have a picture of the lovely lad? I plan on inquiring about a Westie soon!


I'm glad your experience went smoothly! :)

Plattsburgh, New York, United States #831387

I had the same experience. They were wonderful to work with and Sam is the best dog I have ever owned.

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