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Titus now Winston (Labradoodle) is 4 years old now still an amazing service dog and a great help to me. He is 104 lbs and helps me up when i fall, picks up anything I drop and helps me up and down stairs, gets me a pillow and blanket.

I tought him in English, Dutch and hand signals pottys on command. He obeys flawlessly. He has gone everywhere with me since he was 4 months old. Without his mobility service vest he is all dog...he is an amazing guard dog and loves to play Frisbee, ball and his favorite is a 4 foot piece of garden hose that he likes to play tug of war or shake it till its dead?

he is chocolate like his mom and has apricot coloring around his face from his dad and some strands of white hair from dad also are showing up. My husband sings at nursing homes and goes with me when I go. He has been to over 140 nursing homes and likes to greet all the patients. But he knows what his top priority is and that is helping me.


I couldn't be happier with my experience with this wonderful family and want everyone to know the truth about them.

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Springfield, Illinois, United States #1341555

I'm so happy your happy with your dog. But the truth is they have over 400 parent dogs. They failed their 2017 state inspection and have limited time to come under them.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1347472

You're a liar, they don't have 400 dogs and have not failed their inspection. Was just there picking up a puppy.

Had a good conversation with their vet as well. You really should stop spreading lies, it's a lawsuit....I would know I'm an attorney.

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