Hi Debra,

Teddi is a little over 6 months now, he is just shy of 18 pounds, and is a very happy puppy. We have made it through house breaking for the most part, we are still working on shoes are for mommy not Teddi's, but I'm sure this too will pass.

He sleeps with me most nights, and starts most nights buried in the covers and curled up behind my knees. He loves being out side playing with his "friends". He never tires of going for walks to the near by park. I included a picture of Teddi and his "best friend" Tyler who lives next door ("big brother" Rex the boxer is in the background).

Teddi and Tyler are insepratable, the plant they are laying on is a wild grass plant that appears to be "base" in many of their games. Finally, thank you for providing me with my wonderful friend, he has been a joy since day one.

Should you ever need a reference in Pennsylvania I would be happy to talk to any perspective families on your behalf. Best wishes, Patti and Teddi

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