Conesville, Ohio

My family lives in Chicago and ten years ago I adopted a Bichon Frise' puppy from this family. We have loved her every minute of that ten years.

I contacted Debra and her family a few weeks ago because my Lacy is getting seasoned and I wanted to get another girl. I picked her out, they sent her on a plane to me, just like last time and she is the new love of my life! What I don't understand is that over those ten years, I have referred my two sisters, my mom, a cousin, two people at our vets office and a neighbor to this breeder. Everyone is happy.

Now Debra told me about this site and that some people were on here being ugly. I decided to check it out. NOTHING like this ever happened to any of us.

I had a sweet relationship with this family and so did the others I sent there. Thank you, Anton

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