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Bought a 11 week old Aussiedoodle from Cornerstone about 2 weeks ago and paid $850 for the puppy. Within less than a week of having it, I have spent over $1300 on vet bills.

Puppy had fleas, okay not a big deal, that can happen, but still had to treat him for fleas.

Then the puppy stopped playing and eating, and I find out it has round worms and hook worms so bad it had to stay in the hospital for over 36 hours getting treated. The vet says there is no way, the puppy got so infested with worms in the short time we had him, it had to have worms when you got it.

Cornerstone is saying now we should have took him only to Webster Groves Animal hospital, because they have a contract with them. We took him to Veterinary Specialist Services because they are closer and we know of the care they give. When it is 3 am in the morning and your puppy is sick, you take him to the closest place you trust.

Will Cornerstone refund us any money, well so far they are will to give us $50. I doubt I get anything, but who knows.

If you think I am alone in complaining about Cornerstone Farms, just go to Google and type in Cornerstone dog breeder. Look at the reviews on Yelp, heck, Fox news did a report on them and it was not favorable.

No breeder is perfect but I have my worries about ones who have so many complaints. I should have done my homework better and researched Cornerstone before I bought. At least the puppy is healthy now and my daughter is happy.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of cornerstone farms aussiedoodle dog from Cornerstone Farms and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Cornerstone Farms to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Save yourself the time,heartache,and energy. Look elsewhere!

Very nice people at first but the dog I recieved was in critical condition.

Vet bills were outragous and I had to watch my dog suffer! If you have to purchase from a puppy mill, pick another!



I find it hilarious that "anonymous" people always cry puppymill. Secondly I challenge you to provide documentation via lab results that your dog had parasites (which is what your vet would have called them) that badly.

We do fecal exams on ALL our dogs before they go home. You're correct that no ones perfect. Equally we have never claimed to be. But my family operates a respectable kennel.

Lord knows if it's in the news or on the internet it must be the truth right? Reporters NEVER focus on the side of the story that will bring in ratings. They ALWAYS tell the truth. That's why the fox reporter you mentioned has been arrested and had his integrity called into question before...but you won't mention that because it doesn't support your story.

As far as your yelp claim stands lol that's a complete joke.

There are over 40 reviews on that site and there are three times as many good reviews as there are poor ones and several of the poor reviews are from people who are knowingly employed by the HSUS or n animal protection agency. We appreciate any and all input when it's based on factually sound information.


I got my Cavapoo from the corner stone farms as well. The first day he arrived to my place, he couldn't stand up on his own.

My vet said he might not survive. He was at ICU for a day. He didn't eat at all and he weighted barely 1lb... I took a few days off from work and made sure he finish his each meal.

It was so painful to see my boy being so weak.. vet bill was big too! But I didn't get anything back from the cornerstone. It's disappointing that their focus is just money and they really don't care abt puppies.

It's good to know that they are marked as puppy mills now. I wish I knew abt it sooner!

to Anonymous #1395948

Im sorry! Same experience! Horrible feeling to go through!

Belleville, Michigan, United States #1299858

I like to say that I got a dog from them and I am enjoying him! He was healthy and no fleas! And the Ritter's are great


Chicago, Illinois, United States #1267389

Why are you supporting this obvious puppy mill? These people are known as terrible breeders who mistreat their animals and leave them in poor conditions.

There have been news features on them as well as social media shares. Shame on any of you for buying pets when there are plenty to adopt.

Hagarstown, Illinois, United States #1242291

I am happy to respond to your post as I too purchase a pet from cornerstone farms. I actually have two loved ones from this breeder and in the four years I have known this breeder I have had no problems nor have the people whom I referred to them.

Im not saying you are being dishonest, but I do know that both those worms are typically transferred from mother to puppy or from puppy to puppy in litters. Something of the severity which you are saying I would think would have been caught by their vet which I know from my purchases is done just before coming home. I dont have really have an answer for you but you mentioned Yelp?

Thats a great place to look as long as you look at all the pages not just the first. Pages 2,3 and 4 are nothing but good reviews.....just saying.

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1265892

It's super weird that your writing style and sentence structure are SO similar to the person that responds to the business' yelp reviews! Especially since you seem so intimately familiar with their Yelp page.

to Anonymous #1395951

Jason brown, I have your messages. You used to live with the ritter family correct?

to Anonymous #1395953

You hit the nail on the head! Too bad I cant upload screen shots on this website.

Jason wrote me years ago. He IS the ritter family and problably the anonymous too.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1238328

People are so dumb. So you seriously bought a puppy from a farm/breeder without getting a vet check first? 101 people.

to Anonymous #1395954

Irony. This is the worlds TOP 101 worst puppy mills. Debra and tom ritter.

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